Obama to the Rescue

Obama to the Rescue



With the European Referendum fast approaching, the debate has become increasingly heated with a dramatic intervention from the USA, following the President’s visit to the UK this week.

In a column published in the Daily Telegraph, Barack Obama presented a passionate case for the UK staying in the European Union, writing “as your friend let me say, that the EU makes Britain even greater.’” Going on to make reference to the US and UK’s special relationship, “forged as we spilt blood together on the battlefield,” which would be strengthened if Britain chose to stay.

The intervention comes amidst a difficult few weeks for the Government after they faced much criticism for their referendum leaflet, setting out a case to remain and which was delivered to every household in the UK at a cost of £9 million to the taxpayer. Adding fuel to the fire, the President’s piece has further angered campaigners supporting Brexit, as they question exactly what involvement the US has in UK affairs.

But despite the controversial tactics employed by the Government, both Obama’s comments and the referendum leaflet have had the desired effect, further solidifying the support for staying in. The most recent polls show a tight lead for the remain campaign, adding to the frustration of Brexiters who have not only had to contend with a high profile and well resourced effort by the Government but also a shambolic performance by Vote Leave’s campaign director, Dominic Cummings, at the Treasury Select Committee.

It is of course still too early and close to say exactly how this vote will go, but as the remain campaign begins to gain momentum it looks as though David Cameron could emerge triumphant.