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Helping clients secure planning consents

Property & Planning

The Field Consulting team are specialists in helping clients in the property sector secure planning consents.

We work on some of the biggest and most high-profile schemes in the UK ranging from City skyscrapers, estates regeneration, new retail developments, new infrastructure and new sporting facilities.

Whilst every strategy is different, some principles are constant. Engaging communities and stakeholders early and often. Demonstrating the benefits of development to those affected. And making approval the easy, logical conclusion of the process.

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Public Affairs

Our approach to public affairs is based on deep insight and impactful execution.

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Media Relations

However much the media changes, successful media relations is still based on compelling storytelling and strong relationships with journalists.

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Who We Are

Field Consulting is a young, fast-growing consultancy founded in 2014. In our short life, we have grown fast and acquired some incredible clients and talented staff.