Seat In The Spotlight: Cities of London and Westminster

November 29, 2019 | by Field Team

In our General Election special series, the Field team are shining a spotlight on the local nuances and dramas of key seats

This week we’re casting our spotlight into the heart of the political world – Westminster. Could we be seeing a loosening of the Conservative’s safe hold on the Cities of London & Westminster seat? The Liberal Democrats certainly hope so.

The Cities of London and Westminster has returned a Conservative MP since its creation in 1950 and has been held by Mark Field since 2001. In an unsurprising turn of events that may have been influenced by Field grabbing a climate change protestor by the neck, the long-term MP is not standing in this election. Instead Nickie Aiken, leader of Westminster City Council, will be standing for the Conservatives. However, if Aiken thought she would enjoy an easy ride in to Parliament, she is mistaken.

With 72% of the constituency voting to Remain in the European Union in the2016 referendum, the Liberal Democrats have fixed their eyes on turning blue to yellow. The Party is relying on their ‘Revoke’ platform performing well amongst the electorate. They’ve pulled out all the stops and have fielded one of  their most high profile candidates and darling of the Remain centrists, Chuka Umunna. A charismatic MP that is well known outside of theWestminster bubble, the Liberal Democrat leadership are hoping he can attract the attention of the Remain leaning metropolitan elite.

Should the Liberal Democrats win the constituency it would be an embarrassing defeat for the Conservatives who see Westminster as their territory. Recent polling in the constituency has shown the Liberal Democrats will enjoy a huge swing of 22%, putting them within arm’s reach of theConservatives. This is a constituency up for grabs and will be an interesting one to watch this election.

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